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Industry 4.0 needs new programming and simulation environments

Industry 4.0 is so-named because of it’s the fourth and latest incarnation of the Industrial Revolution. It represents the radical change that’s shaking the very foundations of the manufacturing floor. And digital factory software and 3D tools are driving that change forward.

There’s a new Industrial Revolution taking place right before our very eyes. Industry 4.0 is a new paradigm for the structure, planning, and execution of production processes using modern IT and communication methods. Industry 4.0 requires all-new ideas and concepts, and new software tools for the “digital factory” are blazing the trail forward.

First, 3D-based simulation software lets us visualize and validate processes and production tasks.

Manufacturing plants are often re-planned while production is running. Software to do rudimentary modeling isn’t new. But to transform Industry 4.0 concepts into reality, these model factories must become virtual twins of their production counterparts. This goes beyond the geometric and kinematic to mimic detailed logic, behavior and control of the actual manufacturing units. This is the only way to move from stiff, prescribed processes to agile, self-organized production units.

Secondly, a virtual twin model allows us to implement manufacturing processes, techniques and technologies far too expensive—or even impossible—without such simulation-based solutions. From simple to highly-complex tasks, the more robotic applications we use, the greater the need for advanced programming and simulation.

With these new programming and simulation environments, operators can create working applications with confidence—where before they could hope only the model represented a quality result.

At Automate 2017 I am going to discuss these issues at the Automate Conference together with experts from KUKA Robotics Corporation and Rethink Robotics.

Our slot "How Manufacturing is Impacted by IIoT / Industry 4.0" takes place 4th of April, 3pm-5pm.

In case you do not visit the conference I am happy to meet you at our booth #2025. Looking forward to meet you.

Lee Van Every, Senior Account Manager

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